A. L. Erwin                                 


Well, friends, I'm proud to report that I am funded.  The Kickstarter was a roaring success and it is all thanks to these special individuals listed below.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their support.  THANK YOU:

Susan Orck  Emily Skinner Scott Lathrop
Caroline Williams Emilie Allen Keiter
Joey Riley Melissa Dibben Andrea Dibben
Terry Jane England Denise H. Erwin Robert E. Stutts
Jason Grech  Jesse Heim  Jason Williams
Karee Williams Jose Penabad JoAnn Dunn
D. Miles Martin Kaley Brown Chip & Janice Hagler
Aimee Weber Audrey and Adam Kristi Welch
Charles George Kathy Gibbs Marni Walski 
Elizabeth Clubb Donna Shrager Rebecca Hagler
Brian Ferraro Liz Charak Hilton Keith
Doug Whittle Diane Stow Ed Eiliers
Chris Cormier Al Parnell

I know I said that I was only going to thank those who donated $35 or more but you all are so wonderful, I wanted to thank everyone.  

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