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A. L. Erwin                                 
 A Ballad Concerning Black Betty
 or the
Retelling of a Man Killer and her Machete

Tale of my life ain't one for the faint.  It ain't no love story or whimsical bemusing.  I's never good at all that.  Mine's of a different sort, of a town starved and hungering for death, of betrayal and deceit of the worst kind-- goes down yar throat like glass but refuses the taking of ya. A place where blood is paid with blood and trust comes by the tip of a blade.  Mojo's full of people like me, that's the life of a Scratcher. 


Started up a devilishly good short story series. Gonna filter 'em out over a couple publications. Trust me, ya don't want to leave these in the dark too long, they's the type that bite.
'54, Cheap Pop
"Willard Tell," Shotgun Honey 
Mark it up, March 22nd at Noir at the Bar, I'll be shooting out word slugs at the Mandrake.  Gonna be hard, gutter, mean, and lean, folks.  Ya don't wanna miss it.  
Got ourselves another gig.  Last Bookstore, Sept 2nd, cranking out Noir in sixty seconds.  Words start spewing at 7pm.  And it ain't just me firing bullets, there's twenty other sad saps hitting the mic too.  Should make for a good one.  
Got a new one out "Thunderstruck" at Revolution John
Well, Well, Well, gonna track it back to Atlanta for a couple word grenades.  
Gonna smash words harder than a mosh pit at the birth of grunge, folks.  Ya don't wanna miss out. Noir At The Bar Seattle! 
Now in print, the devious, the absurd, the damnably entertaining Mayhem and Motherfuckery in Switchblade Magazine....get it while it's hot
Get ready to RUMBLE: Hitting 'em mean streets of Seattle one more time for a battle of the slingers. Noir At The Bar Seattle! 

   Feeling like a grime bath'd do ya right, I'll be at the Battery Bookstore in Pasadena Oct. 18th, bringing the pain along with other contributors to Switchblade.

Aching for that itch to get scratched again, gonna be at BookShow in Highland Park on Feb. 23rd, carving out something new and nasty. 

Lookie-lookie-here, gonna bring some of that gutter ball southern grit over there to England...promise one helluva good time if ya stop by!



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In the nowhere town of Mojo, there is a truce, there is a Council, and there is Black Betty, a man killer--a Dystopic Samurai Western
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