Tale of my life ain't for the faint.  It ain't no love story or whimsical bemusing.  I's never good at all that.  Mine's of a different sort, of a town starved and hungering for death, of betrayal and deceit of the worst kind-- goes down yar throat like glass but refuses the taking of ya.  A place where blood is paid with blood and trust comes by the tip of a blade.  Mojo's full up of people like me, that's the life of a Scratcher.  


Short Stories and The Book

Short Stories and The Book

Short Stories and The Book

Started up a devilishly good short story series. Gonna filter 'em out over a couple publications. Trust me, ya don't want to leave these in the dark too long, they's the type that bite.
'54, Cheap Pop
"Willard Tell," Shotgun Honey 

"Thunderstruck" at Revolution John

Now in print, the devious, the absurd, the damnably entertaining "Mayhem and Motherfuckery" in Switchblade Magazine....get it while it's hot.

The Latest on the Scene in Cowboy Jamboree's "Grotesque to Art" my story "Gravestone Gathering Otherwise Known as a Booze Bloodetta"

A Ballad Concerning Black Betty or the Retelling of a Man Killer and her Machete

Noir at the Bar

Short Stories and The Book

Short Stories and The Book

Hard, gutter, mean, and lean, folks.  That's what I like to slang...grime bathed and dirty water delivered! From Atlanta to Seattle to England and back to LA!  Carving out some of the toughest, roughest, meanest sumbitches this here world's done ever seen...I mean real, true, forged in fire sorta word grenades what we're handing out here! 

Readings to come

Wednesday, 4/29 Virtual Newcastle Noir at the Bar 11:30 AM PST Link to register to come

First five chapters of Black Betty